February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Are you checking any bags today?!

(This is what happens when airlines charge to check bags... carry-on luggage for a family of 6...)

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  1. Oh my goodness. Yeah, I wou;dn't be paying to check my baggage either. DREAM ON AIRLINES!
    Thanks for the comment on my WW post, too!

  2. It's awful when they charge to check bags - especially when traveling with a family. I see a lot more people carrying on luggage - watch them start charging for that too!

  3. I don't like it that they charge now either. Visit The Zoo for my WW.

  4. Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    I didn't know they were charging to check luggage, but then I don't travel much. That is pretty crazy, you'd think that should be included in the cost of the ticket! Looks like you're all set, though. What a pain to keep track of all that luggage, though, while on the go.

  5. A very cute (and well designed) blog you have here. ~ j///b


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