January 24, 2013

A Little Piece of Huge Cuteness from My Life

I was going through some videos on my Facebook page from years gone by when I came across this beauty. It was taken in February of 2008, Emma was only 7 and Liam was 5.

A teen who was at our church at the time choreographed this dance to the song, "Who Am I?" by Casting Crowns.  She taught the kids for weeks before they performed at a Mission's dinner we put on to raise funds for the team going with me to South Africa that summer.

Liam looks so little, he never needed an excuse to boggie... He watched his big sister long enough to have the dance down pat all on his own. More proof he's always been a performer!

Now Emma is saving up for her own Mission's trip to South Africa. We're planning to return with a team in 2014 and she's determined to be a part of that!

Aren't they so cute?!!!  I wish I still had the original...


  1. it's wonderful to come across things like this from the past!

  2. I love the awesome example being set for your kids and how already at such a young age God's heart in them is shining!

  3. Ahhhh that's wonderful! I love coming across old pics and videos like that!

    And what a wonderful goal your little one has!

  4. Aww, what a sensational memory to have! I sometimes come across old pictures of Zackary as a toddler and they always tug at my heart, but this makes me wish I was better with video!

    Good luck to your daughter with her fundraising; it sounds like it would be an experience of a lifetime to go on a Mission trip like that!

  5. Great photo, you should do a memories post then and now!!

    they look happy.