Top Blog Traffic Referrals for 2012

Do you know where your blog traffic is coming from? Is it important to know how people are finding your blog? 

I believe it is important to learn when, why and where your readers are coming from, to help you to improve your writing, what topics to blog about and how to share the posts for others to see.  Content is still king but how the post is shared is becomingly more and more valuable.

Knowing this kind of information shows me which sites I need to forget about but it also tells me which ones I shouldn't neglect. For example, YouTube showed up as #56 in 2012 but was #24 in 2011, this is because I only made 2 YouTube videos in all of 2012... If you don't use it... you'll lose it. 

Top 5 Traffic Referral Sites for 2012 (unique visits):

#1 Facebook: 5,957 visits. That's a huge jump from last year where Facebook placed 4th.
#2 Direct: 5,154 visits.
#3 Google (organic): 5,042 visits.
#4 StumbleUpon: 2,666 visits. Which is pretty good as I haven't used SU in several months.
#5 Twitter: 1,723 visits.

Feedburner Feed and Email placed in 6th & 7th place. That's a steady decline over the years.

Top Blog Sites (in order of the total traffic sent my way, up to the 50th referring site):

My Top 5 Posts (unique views):
#1 Most traffic comes directly to my main home page. 8,152 views
#2 What's Your Sign (Wordless Wednesday post Dec 28, 2011) 3,440 views
#3 Save The Date (announcement for Microsoft Canada Twitter party I was co-hosting) 2,098 views
#4 We Wish You a Merry Xmas (a Dec 2011 post that gets hit every Xmas) 1,928 views
#5 "About Me" page. 1,548 views

My Top 5 Sponsored Posts (in order of the total content traffic):
#9  BISSELL Total Floors Complete Giveaway
#13 Happy New Year from VH Sauces Giveaway
#16 My Week @ Pioneer Camp
#17 Lavish & Lime Natural Suncare Giveaway
#18 Ontario Chiropractor Back Pack Giveaway

Social Media changes quickly and if you don't keep up with the trends, you can easily get left behind in the dust.
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  1. I like to watch my stats. I like to see the key words people use to find me, the referring sites and also who is looking. It helps me focus and improve .
    No sense writing abut green if everyone is searching silver unless I really really want to :)

  2. I like watching my stats too but also find it frustrating how different sites (Google Analytics, Stat Counter etc) all show different results. I like looking at the flow of traffic...what they search for that lands them on my site and then what they do when they get here. It kind of gives me an idea of how they think and how I should structure things in the future.


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