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I have a small thing for shopping, but better yet I have a giant thing for spending money... on others!

So when the kind folks at Proctor & Gamble (I am a P&G Mom) said I could spend $100 on someone well deserving of a treat, I jumped at the opportunity. I was given specific instructions to shop and ship from to an unsuspecting friend, family member, neighbour, or colleague... anyone but to myself. :) Second stipulation... I must purchase P&G items I use and love.  Easy peasy, just check my grocery store shopping list, you'll know what my faves are.


My first initial gut reaction was to purchase COVERGIRL mascaras for each and every one of the girls who come to the GLO girls club I started & lead in my house. There's anywhere from 10-15+ girls who call my living room home twice a month. It's a place to mentor, share, teach, laugh, cry and learn together. I love these girls, they are an amazing group of grade 6 to grade 9ers.

Then I started to think about one particular family and the sacrifice they make so that I can mentor these girls, which includes their daughter. Each week I host GLO girls club in my home, they show up with dinner for my family of 6. Salad, entree and sometimes even dessert.  Not only do they make us supper... when they drop off their daughter, they take my two youngest boys with them for the evening. Dinner is one thing, taking the loudest children I have given birth to for a few hours...


I thought it was fitting to be able to return the blessing, so I have picked this family to receive my "Surprise Shopping Spree" from of P&G products.

I began the process of picking out for them some of my favourite P&G products, ones I use almost every day, ones I have on my grocery list often!

I love shopping but even more so... I love a sale! At you can go to the "Clearance" section or "Roll Back" and find items marked down. No searching down each aisle for those infamous red and yellow tags.

I started using the Olay Total Effects Daily Anti-Aging skin care back in November. I've noticed a big difference in the glow and texture of my skin. It's not just me either... I've had friends make comments about my skins improvement as well.  I think Sara will love it too.

Until I joined the P&G Mom program, I had not used either of these products, Tide was something I stayed away from because my oldest son had sensitive skin. He's outgrown that and so now, Tide Pods are in our laundry room! The kids are doing laundry now because the Pods make it so easy, no more guessing at how much to put in. They also LOVE the scent of the Downy Unstopables, this is a product I purchase for others often. My closets and drawers have never smelled better!

I love Febreze and it's even in the Mr Clean Multi-Surface spray! When I put the Febreze Car Vent Clips into my husband's truck, the first comment a kid made was, "Wow, it doesn't smell like farts in here anymore". Yes... no more stale fart smell... I don't have pets but I do have boys... enough said. 

My "Surprise Shopping Spree" with Ontario taxes came in to just under $100.00. Best part.... NO SHIPPING CHARGES!!! Talk about saving money... it didn't even cost me gas money and I didn't have to fight with someone for a parking spot!

Can you say, SCORE!

So Sara & Rob, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving of yourself so that I can be available to give back to these lovely young ladies in our community.  Enjoy! xxoo

p.s. if you're reading this and know my fabulous friends... don't tell them a thing, their package hasn't arrived yet and I'd like it to remain a surprise, they don't read my blog so... ssssshhhhhhhhhh! 

I am a P&Gmom. As part of my affiliation with this group. I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.
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  1. I will go to Walmart but only for things I know are cheaper there, I always notice the price changes and lately they have been a dollar or so... Use to be a few cents...very nice glo girl club you going.

  2. How exciting for you.
    So nice that you got to do something for someone else!


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