15 yr old Ritchie Needs Your Help & Prayers #Leukemia

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Quinton and Ritchie - 2007
This family attended our church from 2006-2010.

On New Year's Eve we were floored to hear the news that their oldest son, Richard {Ritchie}, was fighting Myelodysplastic Syndrome (pre-Leukemia).

October 2013 they took him to see their family doctor because Ritchie had been looking a bit pale. After blood tests came back, they were sent by ambulance to Hamilton's McMaster Children's Hospital.

He's had to endure a lot since then; a painful bone marrow sample, blood work, a blood transfusion, and two platelet transfusions.

He needs a miracle!

I remember all that my aunt went through when she had Leukemia and what another family member, Patti, went through with her daughter. 

Ritchie and my oldest son, Quinton, were great friends, he is also 15 and one of the most helpful, kind and caring boys I've ever known.

The photos on the right are from the last time we saw him.

When I told the kids what was happening with Ritchie, I could see tears well up in Emma's eyes.

My heart goes out to them, I couldn't even imagine going through this with one of my kids.  

Keep this family in your prayers. 

** UPDATE: March 13, 2014 **
Ritchie has been re-diagnosed with Leukemia AML. He is spending his days at Sick Kids in Toronto, currently undergoing painful chemo treatments. 

More information can be found on a Facebook page his dad set up, including a Fundly to help with the costs associated with Ritchie's care:

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  1. My heart goes out to the family and the young man. I know all too well what it's like to spend most of your time in the hospital and I can only imagine how costly these diseases can be! I'm hoping and praying that they will meet their goal very quickly :)


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