About Me

I am a mom of three sons, ages 9, 12 and 16, and one daughter age 14. Together with my husband of nearly 19 years, we lead an incredible church in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Shasher's Life was started on January 31, 2006 as a way to keep my family, who live in British Columbia, nearly 5,000 klms away, up-to-date with my growing children and our life in general.

Shasher's Life is my personal journal. My way to share my life with others. To capture my children's accomplishments and chart their achievements. To serve as a reminder of the good things in my life.

I love the community I have found through blogging and I appreciate the opportunities it has granted me.

For a detailed client list, job history & my skills, visit my PR page or fill out my contact form page for me to get in touch with you.

If you have time, grab a coffee and read more about me... don't say I didn't warn it, it may take you a while! ~ Shash